Jul. 23rd, 2011


Jul. 23rd, 2011 08:52 am
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I do not have stable income. I do not have stable income. I do not have stable income. I will repeat this all day to keep me from buying the $100 plane tickets to New York. I want to go so bad. I can taste and smell New York right now. I do not have stable income! I do not have stable income!

Goal today. Finish unpacking! I'm tired of looking at bare walls and boxes scattered here and there. Must get this done! I have a full weekend of stuff to get done. Also on an unpractical note I would love to scrap it all and go to dsm for the farmers market and yoga at a new studio. I will be good and save my gas and money. I have food here to make and take pictures of. I have things to unpack. I have photography to work on. It will get done this weekend. I want to start on the studio newsletter, bookkeeping, and FUN photography next week. Wrap all the tedious to do's today and tomorrow with that goal in mind.

I just made the most perfect poached egg! I'm so proud. I really feel like I am finally coming into my own in regards to cooking. I am trusting myself a little more. Getting some guidance online when I don't know how to do something but then running with it once I step into the kitchen. Today is banh mi day. I cooked the pork yesterday for a Vietnamese inspired pulled pork. I have Vietnamese meatballs to make today. I have two ideas here. One a banh mi sandwich but the other being a taco! I made the pickled daikon on Thursday night. Pictures are up on my blog.


Whoa, excited to see if you google Jenny eats the world all of my stuff comes up first. Now, I hate food blogs. I really do. I don't care why you have attachments to certain foods. I don't care who you are friends with in the food world. I want you to get to the point and show me how to make something I'm interested in, and it better be good! There is a food blog out there (she has a book deal of course) that I have tried several of her recipes and they all suck! How does that even happen? Sure the pictures are pretty and perfectly styled but shouldn't the food be good? Ok, that's kind of a lie. I had one recipe not suck but now that I think about it I totally modified the recipe. That's my little rant. I'm moving on.

P.S. a delicious bloody mary loaded with green olives, celery, and a pickle is the best way to start a Saturday of house crap! And a perfectly poached egg.

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