Jul. 1st, 2007

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I am going to work backwards through our weekend. I have pictures from almost everyday but they are on the mini downstairs. I'll have to share what I put up on flickr.

Today we took a short drive to this sculpture. It's right off I-80 close to Grinnell. It was huge and very cool. It was created by L. J. Maasdam in 1997. I bought the book "Iowa Curiosities" and this was our first adventure. I am sure we will have many many more this summer.

Saturday we went to a vineyard in Newton for live music. We met up with several people and our neighbor watched the boys. We needed a night to relax after spending several days with a house full of people.

The visit with our friends was smooth and easy. We had a really nice time. Friday we went to DSM to the big Art Festival. The kid stuff was awesome and now Silas wants a violin. We stopped on the way home to play pinball and video games at S's house. They have 4 pinball machines in their basement. I became seriously addicted to the fish one.

Thursday was music in the park. I also had a photo shoot with three teenage girls. They were such hipsters. We are doing it again this Friday which is a good thing because one of the girls was wearing a logo shirt and I didn't realize until later that I can't use that for stock. She also never gave me her model release and is now on her way back to florida.

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