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I'm crazy! Full moon? Maybe! We had A LOT of snow last night. I drove home in freezing rain from dropping off the kids and getting my hoohaa waxed. Scary (the driving, not the waxing). I'm so over this weather. I need to live in a mild 70ยบ year round place for a couple years. Anyway, this morning I had to shovel a shit ton of snow from my driveway thanks to the snow plows. I will say that it was nice fluffy snow and not ice laden snow. That was good. Anyway, I was really hot after shoveling for almost an hour and got the crazy idea to put on my swimming suit and take a picture. The funniest thing about the picture is that I did not intend to have that look on my face. Most of them were me smiling! I laughed so hard at this one. I had to share.

A lot of old high school people are finding me on facebook and it's a little weird. I didn't even talk to these people in high school! i guess the 20 year reunion is coming up so they are all signing up on there and adding me! I didn't graduate from that high school. I went to a different school my senior year. Blah. Hopefully they will take me off their list when they realize I'm still the same freak from high school.
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